Cookies Policy

ToliviTM commits itself to protect your privacy and data. We provide safe and secure services to help you build meaningful connections with people. We aim at providing you with clear information on the data practices followed by us in a transparent way. When you visit our landing page or use our dating app, we may collect data from you using technologies such as cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with small data sets such as a username and a password, which are used to identify your device while you use our app over a network. As soon as your device connects with the server a cookie gets created and is labelled with a unique ID related to your computer. A cookie may also contain the name of your internet location (domain), its lifetime (expiry date), and a unique identifier generated randomly. It may contain information about your user settings, device, browsing history, and various activities conducted by you while using our app.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies do not possess any personal information to identify you and so, cannot be used to identify you personally. However, cookies help us to track features that you like the best in our app and the ones that make it easier for you to navigate our app. Cookies help us to tailor our content as per your preferences. You have the opportunity to accept or decline our cookies by making changes in your browser. At the same time, should you disable cookies, you may not be able to access or use some of our advanced features. Importantly, our third-party advertisers may use cookies as well.

Types of cookies

First and third party: First-party cookies are put into your device by our server. These help to adapt our application to your browser’s preferences related to language. These further help us to better understand how you use our app. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are put into your device by our service providers and partners. These cookies help us to quantify the number of users using our app and enable you to share information across social media platforms.

Session and persistent: Session cookies last till your browser is open. These are used for reasons such as to learn about your app usage and help us make the app more efficient. Persistent cookies are not deleted as you close the browser or app. These help us in analysis and let you sign in quickly to the app.

The use of cookies may change over time and we will notify you about the changes.