Why we do it?

We’ve kept an eye out on the dating app scene. And we get it. You swipe, you match. And then… nothing. We wanted to create a space where being sociable is the objective. Because we celebrate being single, and everyone’s welcome. Are you ready for something new?

Why ToliviTM?

ToliviTM is the app that gets you socialising. No more waiting for your match to reply. No more thinking of conversation starters. No more awkwardness. This the app for skipping all that. We understand how tiring dating apps can be. So get off your phone and get meeting.

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Can Online Dating Work? 

We get it; online dating can seem a bit daunting and difficult to navigate at times. And it’s something that isn’t talked about much. However, in an age of instant gratification and virtual relationships in various forms, talking about whether online dating actually works is just logical. Forget the taboo and tune into reality. If… Continue reading Can Online Dating Work? 

02, Jun

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Isn’t it Romantic? 

How Romance in Media Impacts Beliefs about Love

03, May

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Dating Dilemmas Your Parents Didn’t Have to Deal With 

When it comes to the dating scene things change quite quickly. In fact, throughout your dating years things have likely changed quite a bit. And when you compare your dating years to your parents dating years … things have changed a whole lot more. But just what dilemmas do you have that your parents never… Continue reading Dating Dilemmas Your Parents Didn’t Have to Deal With 

04, Apr

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